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Nadav Zeimer

Fatherhood, Family, & Adoption

Nadav Zeimer

is a dedicated high school principal and family man based in New York.

Nadav Zeimer is an all-around family man who works as an educator and high school principal in Central Harlem, New York. He has a strong background in software engineering, but decided to follow his heart and pursue a career in education, which has become his calling in life. Nadav strives to help his students succeed regardless of their position in life. Not only has Nadav received multiple awards for his exemplary work, but he truly takes pride in bringing positive change and being an extraordinary role model in his community and in the lives of his students.

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Nadav Zeimer was born into a very large, multi-cultural family in Israel and speaks French, Hebrew and English. Nadav and his family moved to the United States when he was three years old, has fond memories of growing up in Chicago and still enjoys a close relationship with his family today. Nadav began his professional career as a software engineer for several firms before returning to school to pursue education full time. His highly awarded teaching style has helped hundreds of students succeed and he finds compelling ways to teach students about technology, for example, by running the Robotics team that has won several competitions under his tutelage. He is currently the Principal at the Harlem Renaissance High School and his work focuses on at risk young adults. He has a deep passion for his work and encourages both faculty and students to find new ways to improve their education.

While Nadav is fully committed to his professional life his home life is just as important. He married his wife, Tomoi, in 2007 after meeting through mutual friends. Once Nadav and Tomoi felt ready to become parents they tried for over a year with no success. Ultimately they decided adoption would be the best choice for them and turned their energy towards the adoption process. Tomoi is originally from Japan and wanted to adopt from her home country; shortly after working with an adoption agency there Yael became their first adopted child. Their experience was so rewarding that the couple became eager to adopt a second child. Nadav and Tomoi are both extremely close to both of their children and are proud to share their heritage with them and make sure they are educated and involved in their own cultural heritage as well.

Nadav Zeimer spent his entire professional career finding unique ways in which he could help others. After adopting his children he became even more involved in his community and now specializes in helping at risk children, especially those in the foster care system. Nadav has quickly become the utmost example of bringing positivity into the lives of his students and into his family.

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